Work package 1 

Exchange framework and competence building

WPT1, led by ZRCSAZU, embraces all transnational and local exchange (knowledge sharing, cross-learning) and competence building activities carried out throughout the project. The outputs are two competence development trainings directly linked to project SO 1&2, preparing PPs for more sustainable and efficient valorisation of St. Martin and related CH. Within A.T1.1, led by MS, 7 local stakeholder platforms (LSPs) are set up in each PP region (1-1 in HU, SI, HR, 2-2 in SK & IT) along a common guide, comprising of relevant public & private CH management and community actors. Local Change Drivers (ChDs), motors of LSPs with a role to mutually transfer knowledge between the local & transnational level in the project are also assigned by PPs.

Within A.T1.2, led by ZRCSAZU, interactive training materials on innovative CH valorisation and community engagement are developed by MS and ZRCSAZU, and 2 training sessions (Output T1.1) are held by them respectively for ChDs and key LSP members, who will transfer the knowledge acquired to local level via Master Classes at the LSP WSHs (series of WSHs are organised within WPT2&3, linked and contributing to each project milestone).A.T1.3, coordinated by MS, includes the transnational exchange sessions (TEMs) and project level quality control (QC) linked to the actual project milestones (QC feedbacks on accomplished deliverables are discussed at TEMs). TEMs are organised via 6 regular meetings (one online) attended by all PPs and ASPs and mostly organised together with SC and dissemination events (Kick-off & dissemination events budgeted in WPM & WPC).

TEMs are flexibly built up from different learning interaction types, aligned with the actual project status needs, i.e.:(1) Study Visits to get direct impressions on the host PP’s pilot area, (2) Co-creation Sessions to jointly develop main project level deliverables/ outputs, (3) Critical Classroom exercises to jointly assess the local results of the actual delivery stage.