Industrial Culture - 'A reviving pioneer spirit, keeps the young!'

Deploying Industrial Culture for securing labour force

Traditional industries have created a distinct work culture made up of certain skills, loyalties, habits, attitudes. However, recent industrial and social transformations require their adaptation. Also, partly because of historic connotations, industrial work and environment are today often perceived as little attractive: one of the reasons why industrial regions suffer from brain-drain, even though jobs are available. Industrial companies, on the other hand, often have not yet discovered the chances of binding/attracting work force by taking on regional responsibility. Innovative culture-based approaches can help reinforcing regional commitment of both employers and employees.

The concept of Industrial Culture was tested in this Work Package in its contextual capability to secure labour force and bind companies. On the one hand, focus was placed on raising interest of youth in industry by embedding cultural issues and work options in a regional story of industrial evolution. On the other hand, work force and companies were directly addressed. Throughout the WP, research partners supported with input, reflection, evaluation.

As a main out put, regions draft action plans for deploying Industrial Culture on labour issues and company commitment.