Work paper “Good practices“

If you want to know what can become of unused railway infrastructure, check out our Good practice work paper describing revitalization projects all around the world.

To facilitate the partnership decision on how to reinvent unused railway infrastructure, University of 
Žilina prepared an interesting report on good practices around the world.
Since many railway stations, especially in rural areas, lost their function due to the introduction of new bus services, increased car use, improvements in road conditions, decreased number of passengers in public railway transport, its location away from inhabited areas or other reasons – many of them were given a new function. In this context, not only railway stations, but all railway infrastructure, such as wagons/carriages and railway tracks, are covered by this work paper.
Some interesting examples of their reinvention can be:

  • Private residence
  • Museum
  • Library
  • Culture center
  • Community center
  • Hostel/Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Botanical garden
  • Cycle/walking track
  • Riding attraction.

The aim of “Good practices” work paper is to provide knowledge and ideas on how to rebuild, reinvent and reuse the abandoned railway infrastructure, especially in rural areas, but also those situated in the smaller towns away from bigger cities, with the help of young people and for young people.