Workshops in Szombathely


In the frame of the NewPilgrimAge project two professional workshops were organised in Szombathely on the revalorisation of St. Martin’s heritage where following a brainstorming session the participants reduced the scope of the best ideas and their feasibility:

-Inscription of St. Martin’s heritage on the national list of intangible cultural heritage

-Cycle path in the footprint of St. Martin – renewal of the 10-15-km path to Ják

-Development of a St. Martin computer game (based on the game called Yoomurjak’s Ring by Pierrot) and of an application similarly to Pokémon Go entitled the Spirit of St. Martin

-St. Martin’s menu in local restaurants and a St. Martin Gastronomy Week with charity elements

One of our main objectives is the presentation of the local tangible and built heritage elements linked with St. Martin’s cult with the help of the technological solutions and innovative tool system of the 21st century. Therefore, during the further brainstorming sessions after the workshops we defined the development and the testing of an application as the content and goal of the pilot action children and their parents which means the local families with small children and certainly those families who visit our city. We would like to give them a modern infocommunication tool which conveys St. Martin’s tangible and intangible heritage in an exciting way that enhances understanding and local identity while encouraging them to visit the tangible heritage.

The planned output is an application which - besides being multilingual – approaches the target group i.e. families with small children in a way that it provides an appropriate and playful surface for children who might not even read and for their parents. The motivation of the children is the key to their parents. We are convinced that we can reach the parents through their children and achieve our goal the easiest way which is to make families try and experience ‘Szombathely, St. Martin’s city’. 

The development of the Pilot Action and the application in the frame of it are a value-added step as there are no infocommunication tools in Szombathely at the moment which – apart from the information on the traditional websites -  serve the recreation and the new transmission of cultural heritage in an innovative way.

We will create an interface without letters operating with graphic tools for children which provides tailored, informative and experience-based information, tasks, games, eventually cartoons and a picture viewer possibility in an inspiring and playful form and with formal and visual elements suiting the target group.