Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (WrUST) supports production of medical protective equipment in the Covid-19 epidemic 

Employees and students of Wrocław Uniersity of Science and Technology​, Lead Partner of SYNERGY project, are taking part in the #3Dprinting campaign “Przyłbice 3D dla lekarzy - okręg Wrocław - 3D visors for doctors - Wroclaw district” that aims to produce medical protective equipment that can be used by doctors during the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic.

At WrUST’s Center of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies​ (CAMT), 6 printing devices have been activated, already resulting in more than 450 face shields having been produced. Apart from printing and assembling of the face shields researchers and students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering have optimised the face shield design (published by Prusa Research) - the printing time has been shortened and the comfort of using the visor has been improved. Now, based on this design, activists and volunteers from Wroclaw and the surrounding area can print face shields for local and nearby hospitals. Already more than 4000 protective face shields were delivered! 

Thanks to the use of #3Dprinting, researchers from WrUST  are producing not only protective face shields but also connectors for ventilation masks.
A few days ago researchers form CAMT were contacted by doctors from the Military Clinical Hospital in Wrocław asking about the possibility of making a mask connector that would allow connecting disposable filters to reusable masks. Original filters for this type of mask are very expensive and their number is very limited. Researchers have accepted the challenge immediately. They have prepared a functional prototype, after several tests and conversations with doctors, they have optimized and adapted the model. Ready models have already been delivered to the Clinical Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care at the Military Clinical Hospital in Wrocław, and further connectors are already being manufactured.

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Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (WrUST) participates in

Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (WrUST) participates in "3D visors for doctors - Wroclaw district" campaign during Covid-19 pandemic, © Images: PWR