Competitors of the "Traditional Boating" contest enjoyed well deserved prizes

April 2019

The awarded classes of the Contest “Traditional Boating in Veneto: Crafts and Waterways” are happily taking advantage of their well-deserved prizes consisting of tourist experiences related to the project’s themes.

2nd prize

Veneto Region Tourism Department is glad to share some images of the enjoyable tour to the discovery of Battaglia Terme (Padova), land of waterways and boatmen, home of the Museum of River Navigation and of the sumptuous Catajo Castle, both visited by the 5B RIM class of the High School “L. B. Alberti” in San Donà di Piave (Venice), awarded with the 2nd prize on the theme “Traditional boating as an identifying element and tourist attractor for the visitors of the Veneto region”.

second prize

A day full of reflections on a past of ancient traditions never forgotten, worthy of being re-evaluated thanks to a careful and slow tourism able to integrate into a territory rich in potentiality.

second prize