Continuous positive effects of the contest on traditional boating

The Contest on traditional boating in Veneto continues to give us satisfaction and to produce positive effects well beyond its end!

Veneto Region Tourism Department is glad  to highlight the excellent results obtained by the 5B tourism class of the High School "C. Colombo" in Porto Viro (Rovigo), whose work was judged meritorious and awarded with a special prize on the theme "Traditional boating for the future of youngsters and as a job opportunity for the new generations" thanks to their accurate multimedia storytelling entitled "The last caulkers of Loreo".


Thanks to the excellent research done, in February the class was invited to the event “River Tourism and Boatmen Stories”, organized by the cultural association Invisible Towns with the collaboration of the Local Action Group Delta Po and the Tourism Department of Porto Viro.

On that occasion, the students’ video was officially projected and the class was unexpectedly and pleasantly rewarded with a river cruise offered by Stefanato Navigation, stakeholder involved in the event.


Moreover, in April, the students were invited to the town hall of Loreo on a day dedicated to the celebration of the traditional shipyard Doni, object of their research: on that occasion, the class was awarded with a plaque by the Municipality of Loreo as a prize for having contributed to the dissemination of the historical heritage of the town with the multimedia storytelling "The last caulkers of Loreo".

Past and present, ancient traditions and young passions, in a path yet to be discovered: so we say goodbye to YouInHerit, proud of its results and sure that its core still has a long way ahead of it!