Pilot in Hungary, Budafok-Tétény 

Pilot type:                       Skill development

Title of the pilot:            Training and motivation programme material for the youth (including young entrepreneurs) to learn and practice traditional crafts developed jointly with stakeholders 

In the Hungarian pilot action, a wine tourism assistant training was realized with the lead of the local Winery School between February and June 2018.The innovativity of the training was aimed at developing skills mainly through complex practical sessions for cca. 30 youth in Budafok, Hungary. Training moduls were built up in a certain variety including winemaking, wine tourism, marketing, urban development, event organization and many more. During the workshops, students learnt how to keep wine tasting, what are the hidden treasures of Budafok and how to promote them in an effective and enjoyable way in the future. A unique approach of the training was that teachers were selected from relevant stakeholders (winers and other experts) of Budafok.


As the second part of the pilot, Budafok-Tétény Municipality (22nd District of Budapest) acting also as Lead Partner of YouInHerit, launched an idea contest on city marketing for the youth. During the analyses phase of the project, it turned out that wine branding and city marketing is a serious gap in Budafok. Responding to this gap, the Municipality announced the idea contest with the aim to gain creative ideas from the youth on how to revive local wineries and increase the visibility of Budafok as the wine district of Budapest.


Number of youth reached: 30 trained, approximately 20 involved in the idea contest