Pilot in Slovenia, Coastal-Karst region

Pilot type:                        Investment

Title of the pilot:            Exhibition in the salt warehouse Monfort

The pilot action of the Maritime museum “Sergej Mašera” Piran consisted in setting up of an exhibition about salt transportation and its storage in salt-warehouses in cooperation with young designers, architects and historians who worked under the guidance of the museum curator dr. Flavio Bonin. The exhibition was split into two phases. Within the first phase, outside panels were prepared and installed on the facade of the salt warehouse Monfort, describing the path of the salt from the saltpans to the storages. The opening event was held on 4 June 2018.


The second phase included the setting up of an innovative interactive indoor exhibition about the history of traditional salt production. Youth were active in the preparation of the content by doing interviews with former salt-makers and workers in the salt warehouses and creating new videos and 3D presentations. Multi touch screens were used to present better the topic and to grab the attention of youngsters. In both phases youth cooperated in preparing the exhibition content and the design, as well. The opening is planned to be held in November 2018.


Number of youth reached: 12