Pilot in Slovenia, Pomurje region

Pilot type:                       Capacity building

Title of the pilot:            Enhanced cultural heritage management capacity of authorities and stakeholders with youth involvement in Pomurje region

Pilot action in Pomurje (Slovenia) was executed through several connected activities. Training material for capacity building in Pomurje region was developed and implemented to provide relevant knowledge and skillset for local authorities and other relevant stakeholders to activate youth in the field of cultural heritage management. 


Two theoretical and two practical trainings were conceptually developed with the main aim of encouraging youth inclusion into cultural heritage preservation. The training served at providing practical, applicable and innovative guidelines with practices for stimulating active participation of youth, thus enhancing sustainable cultural heritage management. During the trainings, workshops were focusing on the following elements: Heritage is ours; Heritage is forever; New stories, new opportunities; When the past meets the future – joint mobile app development.


In addition to the trainings, the following activities were integral part of the pilot action:

•            Pottery workshops for youth aiming to equip young people with the skills of old crafts

•            Concept development of Milling-Pottery route application with the collection of existing mills and potters in region Pomurje

•            YouInHerit Info point at International Folklore Festival in Beltinci aiming to encourage youth to take active role in preservation of cultural heritage


Number of youth reached: 9 youth trained, 15 youth involved in pottery workshops