Students in Budafok received certificates

June 2018

Students in Budafok were very busy in achieving new skills needed for becoming a wine making specialists. After several thematic lessons they received their certificates.

In one of the last lessons students in Budafok developed their professional English knowledge. After that, they had to keep each other a wine tasting where they had to present what they learned. This task did not only create a good mood, but also resulted a professinal discussion, which shows how much progress the students have gone through.

Training in Budafok

Later the students could learn from local patriots about Budafok-Tétény and the Carpathian Basin's wine history, present and future. On Saturday morning in the tourism class, every student introduced the group what values they are in our country, our capital, and Budafok-Tétény, and what they think, what sight deserve more attention, which one they love the most. In the afternoon, Ákos Kamocsay presented the wines of his and his family’s wineries during an exciting performance. He talked of how the love of the wine remained in the family and how the sense of vocation can inherit from generation to generation.

Training in Budafok

The last tests were followed by a region and settlement marketing lecture, and also Péter Frittmann, a young winemaker, visited Budafok-Tétény to present their winery and traditions. Before the certificate ceremony, the class was thankful to the project management, the secretarial staff, the teachers, the trainers and the staff, with a heart and a huge smile.