Young Hopes 2019 and the Industry Info Sprint

The Center for Technology Transfer and Innovation (CTT) at the Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI) continues to organize events within the Innovative Environment Entity Program to support the research and enterprise community. On the last day of May the following events took place:

1. Young Hopes 2019
The traditional meeting for enterprising researchers and students, high-school students, innovative individuals, potential entrepreneurs, and spin-outs in the making, also shed light on the starting points for starting an entrepreneurial journey. The emphasis was on planning a PhD thesis-based business.

2. Industrial Info Sprint
The first event of this kind brought together JSI researchers with Slovenian companies in one place. In the introductory part, Robert Blatnik, M.Sc., (CTT) presented cooperation opportunities and technology offers, Gašper Juvančič (CTT) spoke about helping companies gain recognition in foreign markets through the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) project, and Tomaž Lutman (CTT) discussed competencies of, and access to technology (research) equipment within, so-called Key Enabling Technology centers.

After the presentations, representatives of Slovenian companies were able to talk about the challenges they face and how to solve them with help of research centers.
Young Hopes 2019 and Industry Info Sprint © Duško Odić, JSI
Young Hopes 2019 and Industry Info Sprint © Duško Odić, JSI