The St. Martin kids application is ready!


As a result of the project and on the basis of the suggestions coming from the Local Stakeholders Group the St. Martin Kids application and website have been created for kindergarten and schoolchildren and for families with small children (grandparents are also welcome!). The games, stories, the quiz, the gallery and the virtual walk with the help of a GPS-based map – all this available in both Hungarian and English transmit a wide range of knowledge through games and not only to Szombathely citizens. At the same time, only professionals from Szombathely were involved in the development. The application underwent multiple testing during its development: kindergarten and schoolchildren had the occasion to get acquainted with and test the application in a kindergarten and in a school camp in summer while the organizers noted down the remarks. On the Municipality side colleagues responsible for the technical implementation participated in the final and multiple rounds of testing and troubleshooting.


The website is available at the application can be downloaded from Google Play and from App Store as well.