Are you already quite advanced with developing your project proposal, but before seeking consultation or even submitting it, you want to double check if your application is sound and relevant?

To self-assess your project proposal, you can use our guiding questions below, against which your application will also be assessed later.  

Relevance check

Intervention logic and transnationality

  • Is the project proposal relevant in relation to the targeted programme specific objective and the expected result? Is the importance and added value of transnational cooperation for the topic addressed clearly demonstrated?
  • Is the project intervention logic (i.e. project specific objectives, outputs and expected results) clearly defined and consistent?

Policy and territorial relevance including horizontal principles

  • Is the project proposal relevant for the challenges and needs of the CE programme area, and in particular for the specific situation of the participating regions?  
  • Does the project proposal clearly contribute to the relevant policy framework at different levels?  
  • Does the proposal contribute to horizontal principles (i.e. equal opportunities and non-discrimination, gender equality, sustainable development including environment protection) and integrate them in the project design?

Innovativeness and synergies

  • Is the innovativeness of the project proposal clearly demonstrated? Does it go beyond existing practices in the sector and/or participating regions? Is the project proposal building on available knowledge and making use of synergies with other projects or initiatives?


Partnership composition and relevance

  • Is the partnership composition relevant in order to respond to the identified challenges and needs? Does it demonstrate sufficient competences and capacities to implement the planned activities in the participating regions, considering the necessary governance levels, and achieve the expected results?  
  • Does the lead applicant have sufficient experience and capacity to manage a transnational cooperation project or is there a clear plan to acquire missing competences through e.g. additional staff or sub-contracting? Do all partners have a clear role and matching competences to fulfil their tasks? In case of partners outside the programme area, is the added value of their participation duly justified?
  • In case of partners outside the programme area, is the added value of their participation duly justified?

Transnational cooperation approach

  • Does the partnership reflect the transnational cooperation approach and is it geographically balanced? Are partners actively involved for a joint implementation of activities?


Methodology and work plan

  • Is the methodology suitable to obtain the planned outputs and results? Are the work plan and timing of activities, deliverables and outputs realistic, consistent and transparent? In case of investments, are they clearly relevant for reaching the project objectives? Do they have a clear transnational and pilot character?
  • Are communication activities planned in the work plan and are they relevant for achieving communication objectives? Are target groups (and other stakeholders including associated partners) actively involved in project activities?
  • Does the project proposal clearly conceptualise the ownership/durability, long lasting effects and transferability of outputs and results?  
  • Does the management approach show good potential to secure a sound project management, coordination and risk mitigation?


  • Does the total budget demonstrate value for money? Is there coherence between project design and budget? Are the financial contributions of the partners balanced and do they reflect partner responsibilities?