Priority: Cooperating on low-carbon strategies in CENTRAL EUROPE

Priority Specific Objective: To improve territorial based low-carbon energy planning strategies and policies supporting climate change mitigation.

The Project Results

The CitiEngov project has tackled issues linked with energy efficiency and RES use from the Public Authorities perspective, both aiming at establishing sustainable structures within the administrations with the aim to coordinate activities and initiatives related to energy issues, as well as providing operative tools enabling those activities. This includes the setting up of permanent organizational structures (Energy Units/ One Stop Shop Energy Service Centre). Moreover the concept and operative approach for the setting up of Energy Units and One Stop Shop Energy Service Centre represent a necessary step also to foster a model based on a collaborative approach with the territorial stakeholders. The training schemes implemented have contributed to the enhancement of the institutional know how and the creation of new positions, more skilled and technical, within the involved authorities. In relation to this, the adoption of overall 26 new energy tools (including SEAP, SECAP, Energy Plan) assures a long term approach and a formal commitment for the next years.
The creation of the online CitiEnGov Toolkit is a source of information and practical solutions enabling the transfer of good and bad practices in the Programme area and beyond it.

 On the other side the technical solutions tested by the project, ranging from the Energy dashboard (meant to support the decision making process) and the public lighting system, are important tools whose durability is linked with data availability and optimization of economic resources of the interested Municipalities. It is also important to underline that CitiEnGov has also dealt with the citizens involvement to improve energy behaviour.

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General Objective

CitiEnGov aimed to improve the capacity of public administrations to implement new energy planning strategies through a new comprehensive concept based on the: 

  • Acknowledgement of a political mandate for energy;
  • Definition of a working group with roles and activities;
  • Real horizontal service made of experts about energy issues enabling the efficient realisation of the foreseen actions and results.

Project Specific Objectives

  • Integrated territorial plans have been developed and implemented to enhance the use of Renewable Energy Sources and improve energy performance.
  • Concepts and tools to improve the energy management in Central EU urban areas have been designed and tested.
  • Low-carbon energy strategies and policies tailor-made for the central EU urban areas have been defined.