Low Carbon Mobility — previous research

dAIR — Decarbonising Airport Regions

To promote previous European research efforts in the field of airport access and low carbon mobility, we had a look back at another Interreg project, titled dAIR (Decarbonising Airport Regions). dAIR project ended in 2014, but just as LAirA project, it focused on reducing carbon emissions of the surface access and airport operations. We believe that LAirA project, besides the fact that it is building on dAIR’s objective, is going one step further, by addressing multimodal, smart and low carbon mobility integration of airports in the mobility systems of functional urban areas. Additionally, LAirA’s ambition is also to foster change in the mobility behaviours of airport passengers and employees and it works on providing the local authorities with novel strategies that support this aim. 
We believe that exchange of knowledge and reinforcement of previous research ideas can only increase the impact of the project and ensure the successful achievement of LAirA’s goals. Therefore, please get inspired from the following videos, that tackle low carbon mobility in a user-friendly way.

The dAIR project has been identifying good practices in decarbonising airport areas, using the expertise of 14 European regions and airports. This video describes some of these practices from the point of view of the people directly involved in them. The project collaborative work has made borders disappear and innovation flourish in the interest of both people and the environment.

It's great to live in a border-free Europe, and through the dAIR project that also extends to professional networks. This video explains how the project, which looks at decarbonising the air around airports has been capable of connecting people from 14 regions and airports in Europe into a network of highly active environment-savvy professionals.

In dAIR, barriers are no longer relevant, because good ideas cn be shared seamlessly between 14 European regions and airports. This video illustrates the way the project works and some of the activities that have been so far implemented through it. It's a project bringing together people from different parts of Europe who think they can make an impact on the environment around airports, from a surface access and airport operation point of view.