digitalLIFE4CE: Visualization healthcare excellence hot spots

Pinkafeld, 13th March 2018

digitalLIFE4CE project partners have established a visualization to showcase excellent solutions and best practice case studies. This solution is called “digital health excellence spots”. Toolbox shows visualization of healthcare innovation potentials, because mapped solutions and case studies are excellent, innovative and transferable to other regions. We created an interactive knowledge map to make clear linkages between important actors and stakeholders. The aim is to improve innovation potential of all Project Partners, linked Stakeholders and several regions in Central Europe.

All in all visualisation includes 21 digital healthcare solutions, 28 elaborated case studies and 260 healthcare actors. Visualisation toolbox is expandable and solutions are ready for transfer. Each region presented their healthcare actors, excellent healthcare solutions and best practice case studies with the aim of providing information necessary for the creation of a coherent common picture that will demonstrate interdependences and linkages of actors and also identify innovative potentials. Project Partners use the IT-Toolbox as a decision support tool, because linkages between actors, solutions and best practice cases are shown and a clear and coherent picture is developed.

Visualisation Tool digitalLIFE4CE

by Alexandra Weghofer