The Road leads to Leipzig

Leipzig., 13. June 2019

digitalLIFE4CE partners attended their 5. Partner Meeting in Leipzig on 12. and 13. June 2019.

Among other things, the meeting focused on impact controlling for the completed first two work packages Healthcare Excellence Spots and Digital Care Networks. In addition, the partner regions presented their pilots and gave an outlook on further development.

One of the central topics was the creation of the Central European Think Tank, that will keep on working after the projects end. Leadpartner Universtity of Applied Sciences (FHB) took over the lead for the first twelve month of the Think Tank. In this way the created structures and procedures will be transferred into the Think Tank and enable a stable working plan for the consortium.

Even if the digitalLIFE4CE project ends in autumn of this year, the results achieved, cooperations and network connections are to be used in the long term. To this end, each partner region had prepared an Action Plan, which will lead to a joint Transnational Road Map 2025 by October 2019. All relevant activities, events, strategies and further research focuses of the individual project partners are to be bundled in this plan.

The partnership is now heading towards the finish line. The final meeting in Trento will take place in the end of October. Here, all results will be presented and the shown how they will live on to support ongoing innovation transfer in digital health in Central Europe.

digitalLIFE4CE partners in Leipzig June 2019

Photo by Gesundheitsforen Leipzig GmbH