digitalLIFE4CE: CEDHES Hub TrentinoSalute4.0

The digitalLIFE4CE project is looking for novel solutions in the field of digital integrated healthcare systems. The fragmentation of the health care system as well as weak cooperation between relevant actors negatively affect regional authorities, care providers and citizens in many regions of central Europe. To answer these weaknesses, the project brings together policy makers, experts from research and development and actors relevant for implementation. 

They will work on a new framework to provide policy stakeholders with: a global picture on available solutions and their implications; technology solution providers with options for joint cooperation; and beneficiaries with new applications and technologies. Additionally, the project will research and promote best practice cases in so called ‘Healthcare Excellence Spots’ and investigate ways to increase investment in digital health start-ups and to boost innovation in healthcare systems with a need for an integrated care coordination.

CEDHES Hub TrentinoSalute4.0

TrentinoSalute4.0 is the CEDHES hub developed in Trentino Province within DL4CE project.

What is TrentinoSalute4.0?                            

December 2016

The Center of Competence on Digital Health Trentino Salute4.0 is formally established (Act of the Local Government n. 2412 of 20th December 2016) 

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Our Vision:

To improve the healthcare system through innovative digital health services contributing to citizens empowerment and definition of healthcare policy reforms.

Aims :

Consolidate TS4.0 model locally for developing an asset of excellence to be exported in other Italian regions and across Europe accordingly to their strategic interests in new digital services (waiting lists management, e-prescription, etc.).

How are we going to achieve that?

TS4.0 has two types of assets: organizational and technical. Below, a visual description of both.


Thanks to the pilot, we want to understand how these two assets can approach the market; however this is not a simple task, as transnational cooperation potential of TS4.0 depends on many factors such as: GDPR regulation and the difficulties in entering a different healthcare systems in general. Therefore, our aim is starting with EU-funded projects (such as Interreg Alpine Space, Central Europe, etc.). Nonetheless, our aim is defining solutions for exporting our model: for this purpose, there are many options available:

  1. Technologies can be given open source
  2. Technologies can be sold “as a service”
  3. Which price models should be chosen: fee / royalties
  4. Etc…

On the transnational level, TS4.0 has started a cooperation with STEP-RI for the development of a business model; in addition, we have focused on a specific case scenario and, if possible, we might test the proposed solution within the project duration.

Who will benefit from this solution?

The implementation at local, national and transnational level, might benefit the whole quadruple helix: in particular, we target

  • other companies involved in the healthcare system, both SMEs and large companies that might expand their services portfolio and therefore be able to attract more customers and / or further engage their existing ones
  • healthcare professionals and informal caregivers: the technological solutions adopted, based on AI technologies, have the final aim to ease the burden on these two categories
  • public administrations: they could offer technological solutions to their citizens and reducing the costs borne by the healthcare system
  • citizens and patients: the proposed solutions are time-cutting for health management and will empower them in achieving and maintaining a healthy life-style and/or managing chronic diseases.




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Project Budget

Total Budget: 1.551.182,37  Euro

ERDF co-Financing: 1.274.752,00 Euro