e-Health congress in Budapest (HU)

Pinkafeld, 24th September 2018

How can the EU contribute to uptake of e-health technologies and help in facing challenges in digital healthcare? This question was the theme of the e-Health congress in Budapest. Peter J. Mayer and Alexandra Weghofer from University of Applied Sciences as well as Àkos Eder from Pannon Business Network Association participated in the peer review workshop on 18th September 2018. The aim of the workshop was to identify the challenges and success factors of several European research projects working on the e-Health topic. The digitalLIFE4CE partners took the opportunity to share experiences and lessons learned with the audience. Furthermore, we proudly presented the first project results and outputs from our work in the last 18 months.

Sara Testa and Oscar Mayora from Bruno Kessler Foundation joined the e-Health Congress on 19th September 2018 and actively participated at the panel discussion and breakout sessions under the topic “challenges, opportunities, lessons learned and key messages about the use of ESI Funds to support e-health”.

Our conclusion of the event: There is a great diversity in the field of e-Health. Several projects, various partners and different funding bodies are working on different challenges in the field of e-Health. Networking and exchange of experiences and lessons learned is a great way to jointly overcome the upcoming challenges in Central Europe.

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Alexandra Weghofer and Peter J. Mayer

 Mobility Action in Hungary

Fostering cross-border cooperation between Hungary and Austria was the purpose of the first Hungarian mobility action. Àkos Eder from Pannon Business Network Association organized the Meeting with representatives from National Healthcare Service Center of Hungary on 19th September 2018. In Budapest Peter J. Mayer, Alexandra Weghofer and Àkos Eder took the chance to talk about new research projects in the field of health. The participants of the mobility action identified possible areas of cooperation such as integrated healthcare, health tourism, health prevention, health promotion, big data research and digital skills education for health professionals. The meeting attendees agreed on joint preparation of new project ideas in the close future. 

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Discussion Panel with partner Oscar Mayora

by Alexandra Weghofer