at EU Regions Week 2020

This year, the #EURegionsWeek spread over three consecutive weeks in October. The second week was dedicated to the thematic cluster Cohesion and Cooperation. Taking place from 12 to 16 October, this week included the highest number of working sessions, together with all the political highlights.

We were there too! Below you will find the documentation of our sessions at this key event for regional development. We hope you enjoy reading why we believe that #cooperationiscentral for stronger and more resilient Europe. 

Let's restart Europe together.

#cooperationiscentral in a 'new normal'


The current pandemic has ended life as we know it. Borders are back and negative socioeconomic consequences are fast beginning to show. How will central Europe cope with the aftermath of this crisis? In this session we looked at how can transnational cooperation, despite an initial focus on national responses,  help the regions and cities to become more resilient places in a green way. 

Luca Ferrarese

"Our projects allow key partners to work together beyond borders on different topics like renewables, clean transport or nature restoration. #cooperationiscentral in a 'new normal' ensuring that no region will be left behind."
- Luca Ferrarese, Head of Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Secretariat

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R&I intelligence through matchmaking

Limited information about collaboration patterns in EU and regional programmes may prevent novel and diversified partnerships from flourishing. In this session we shared experiences from our final experimental call, which aimed to take forward already existing project results and partnerships beyond the Interreg community. 

Wolfgang Backhaus

"We need tools enabling synergies between different types of partners taking results forward. #cooperationiscentral to deal with new mobility trends and improve low carbon mobility of regions and cities"

- Wolfgang Backhaus, Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE project Dynaxibility4CE

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REGIOSTARS awards:  We have a winner!

Congratulations to our project  ENERGY@SCHOOL for winning this year's REGIOSTARS in category Youth empowerment for cooperation across borders - 30 years of Interreg. Youth will play a crucial role in Europe’s transition to a carbon neutral continent and we are proud to see that our projects are already making a difference.    

Virtual exhibition

Interreg’s transnational programmes have improved the lives of EU citizens in many fields thanks to successful cooperation, from supporting entrepreneurs to managing natural disasters and greening Europe. Interreg has contributed to a more territorially, socially and economically cohesive EU. Now in 2020, as Interreg turns 30, we invited the participants to virtually walk through Europe and explore cooperation #MadeWithInterreg as a part of the #EURegionsWeek virtual exhibition.

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