CONNECT2CE feasibility study done by Sistemi Territoriali

19th July 2019.

CONNECT2CE project partner Sistemi Territoriali finalised feasibility study on the application of the transnational tool on regional/crossborder railway and public transport connections in Veneto. The study is separated in 2 parts:

The first part is a study of the demand for rail public transport users in the study area (railway lines managed by territorial systems, such as: Verona-Rovigo-Adria-Chioggia and Adria-Mestre-Venice), and was aimed at understanding the territorial demand basin, as well as the capacity of the existing railway line to satisfy it.

The second part of the study focused on characterising the existing rail service offering and assessing how to modify, improve and implement the rail service on the basis of some planned investments by Sistemi Territoriali: purchase of new trains, partial electrification of the line, and modification of the timetables to optimise the service.

Additional information can be found in the following documents:

Phase 1 - Demand Analisys
Phase 2 - Planning New services structure