First stakeholder visit

14. 5. -18. 5. 2018

One of the project outputs is to connect different stakeholders from project partner countries. From 14th to 18th of May 2018 Slovenian hunters, foresters and environmentalists visited National park Šumava, Bavarian Forest and Austria. First day of the visit they met Czech foresters in the National park and in the protected landscape area Šumava. They exchanged knowledge about forest management, wildlife management, and lynx management in both countries. Next day the visit took place in Aigen, Austria where representatives from Green heart of Europe presented lynx monitoring in Austria and took the Slovenian team for a hike in the typical lynx habitat in that area. The stakeholders agreed that the landscape is similar to Slovenian lynx habitat. After the hike, stakeholders went to Kašperské Hory , where an exhibition about the lynx reintroduction in this area just opened. Vladimir Vlk from the Museum Šumavy and Josefa Volfová from the NGO "Hnutí Duha - Friends of the earth Czech Republic" presented the exhibition. Slovenian guests were happy to find out that some of the people, who were responsible for the reintroduction in National park Šumava, were also involved in Slovenian lynx reintroduction in 1973. 

The last day of the visit, stakeholders met in Bayerisch Eisenstein. Local foresters took them on a short hike and presented forest management. Markus Schwaiger from WWF Germany demonstrated how to set a camera trap for lynx. The focus of the whole stakeholder visit was the lynx so for the perfect ending of the stakeholder visit, park ranger took the stakeholders to lynx enclosure in Ludwigsthal and with a bit of luck the lynx showed himself for a few minutes.


Photo: Presentation of Luděk Bufka of lynx monitoring in National park Šumava (left) and field trip to national park forest in Czech (right).


Photo: Presentation in Austria by Thomas Engleder (GHE).

Photo: Demonstration of setting the camera trap for lynx (left) and photo of lynx in enclosure (right).

Photo: The lynx were reintroduced in different areas in Europe, including Kočevje, Slovenia (left). Ludvik Kuntz and Štefan Zatroch were one of the people involved in the reintroduction in Šumava and in Slovenia (right).