Finished Handbook and Animation


Before ending the project, a handbook was made about how to achieve community engagement in heritage projects and how to conduct valorisation process with the active involvement of local residents in order to develop and design new cultural products and services. 

Nowadays, the preservation and interpretation of cultural uniqueness are not only in hands of professionals of heritage institutions or research centres, but locals recognised as heritage bearers, cultural activists, practitioners and transmitters of heritage to younger generations are getting a more and more important role. Political decision makers, entrepreneurs as well as experts have to help local communities to sustainably safeguard, manage and develop their public heritage.

The Handbook presents some important steps for motivating and encouraging local people to become active protagonists in heritage activities in a local community. Values and significance that local residents ascribe to their public heritage are of crucial importance for the sustainable development of a community and for different participatory methods and tools as well as integrative approaches should be planned, used and implemented by project teams. The Handbook builds on achievements that were developed, implemented and tested within the framework of the NewPilgrimAge project.

The finished Handbook is available in fine languages at the Downloads section - click here.

Besides the Handbook, a little animation was also made that concludes the NewPilgrimAge project. Although it wasn't planned originally, but because of the pandemic outbreak, the Mindspace team decided to make one instead of their cancelled events. Just click on the photo to watch.


Also, a detailed document in has been prepared by ZRC SAZU of the whole project  - it is also included in the Downloads section, but it is only in english, click here for direct access.