KET InfoDays in Austria

JOANNEUM RESEARCH conducted three Info days in 2018. During the events, individual consultations were held. These conversations served as an evaluation of interest and as a preparation for further follow-up meetings and cooperation within the KETGATE project. 
Overall,  a good mix of organizations and was able to get a broader perspective on the working mode of KETGATE. 

The main target group of the KET info days are innovate SMEs, described as initiators of breakthrough innovation.
They are often but not always high-growth SMEs and have a significant share of filed patents.

The aim was to raise the awareness on the KETGATE Points and to inform on the unique service opportunities offered by the KETGATE Points. Currently, a large number of SMEs have no access to high level technical services or do not know, which opportunities they could have when they collaborate with an RTO. Furthermore, it is important to raise their level of knowledge on KETs.
Thus, the aim is also to support the innovative SMEs to find KET providers and start collaboration with them.


Date: 17.10.2018
Location: Graz, Styria, Austria
Name of the event:
Smart Models and Technical Aspects of Additive Manufacturing in SMEs

On the 17th of October at the premises of CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences in Graz, Austria the event „Smart Business Models and Technical Aspects of Additive Manufacturing in SMEs“ took place, where we discussed aspects of additive manufacturing (AM) as a central component of digital & smart manufacturing with new possibilities and challenges.

Date: 30.11.2018
Location: Niklasdorf, Styria, Austria
Name of the event: Technology Breakfast Additive Manufacturing @JOANNEUM - Current Situation, Developments and Funding Possibilities

On the 30th of November a networking event was held, organized by the Mobility Cluster Styria, at the premises of Joanneum Research in Niklasdorf, Austria. The participation was very satisfactory with a good mix of very large companies and innovation trendsetter. In addition, other regions of Austria were present. The networking was very productive and the visit of the advanced lab of Joanneum research aroused a lot of interest in the participants.

Date: 29.10.2018
Location: Vienna, Marriott Courtyard, Prater, Raum Krieau 1+2, Austria
Name of the event: Photonics 4 Industrial Production

The workshop targeted European companies as end users of photonic technologies. It brought together experts at European level in the field of photonics, laser technology, automatisation, mechanical processing and industrial technologies to discuss the opportunities for innovation that photonic technologies, such as high power lasers, optical sensors and data networks, can lead to production systems and mechanical processes and their applications in key regional, national and European manufacturing sectors.

It provided networking opportunity for SME, industry and academic interests, end-users and suppliers. The participants consisted of a well balanced group of SMEs, RTOs, industry and BSOs and the event was overall a huge success. The core sector interesting for the participating SMEs was photonics. We also discussed KETGATE-follow-up meetings with some organizations.