KET InfoDays - Hungary

On 6th December 2018 the Bay Zoltán Research Institute organized KETGATE Information Day to support the access of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to research and development services. The event was implemented in the framework of the KETGATE project supported by the Interreg Central European Program.
The KETGATE project co-ordinated by Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum (SEZ) aims to set up KETGATE Contact Points Network of research institutes which offers Key Enabling Technologies for small and medium-sized enterprises with the support of skilled experts.
At the event the experiences of both the research institutes and the small and medium sized enterprises were presented.
First, Gergely Kincs innovation manager of Technology Transfer Office at University of Pécs reported on the forms of co-operation between the university and the enterprises, afterwards Róbert Roppantó expert of Knowledge Management Directorate, University of Miskolc presented the way in which university technology services are offered and how they do well in business environment.
In the second section of the event Dr. Nagy Adrienn Somosné, executive director of an innovative enterprise titled Pilze-Nagy Ltd. give a presentation on the status of the Hungarian SME sector in innovation, research and development and reported on their successful joint projects with local and foreign research institutes.
Afterwards, Zsuzsa Fieszl, the secretary general of the National Association of Hungarian Vehicle Parts Manufacturers (MAJOSZ), highlighted the research and development needs of the Hungarian SME sector and all the obstacles they face in their innovation efforts.
Finally, the colleagues of Bay Zoltán Research Institute presented the services that the Research Center offers to SMEs that are open to innovation in order to benefit from the technical services of local or foreign applied research institutes in order to develop their products and services and also to receive financial support.