KET InfoDays - Germany

In Germany, the KETGATE Info Days were linked to three regional events.
The first event, the Theme Day Environmental Engineering in Stuttgart did focus on the subsidies of the state of Baden-Württemberg and the EU for clean technologies and resource efficiency which can help SMEs to translate their ideas into reality. Furthermore, Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum presented KETGATE during the opening event of a new co-working space in Stuttgart region and at Economic Congress Brexit in Stuttgart where representatives from politics, economy, and organisations provided an extensive insight into possible consequences of the Brexit.

The KETGATE project and the services of the KETGATE Points were promoted at information booths with the KETGATE roll-up, flyers and other promotion materials, through a presentation on KETGATE and during several B2B consultations. In total, 13 SMEs, 1 RTO, 1 BSO and 2 other organisations were consulted. Overall, the feedback on the project was positive and all organisations wanted to receive more information by e-mail.