Solutions For A Better
Labour Market Integration

Central Europe relies on skilled workers and employees for sustaining its strong industrial and economic base. New arrivals can help in this. SMEs, the largest employers in central Europe, are often looking for a skilled workforce, and to meet their needs it is important to improve and modernise skills of people locally, especially in view of challenges like digitalisation, the transition to Industry 4.0, climate change and the green economy (as highlighted in the EU Green Deal).

Ongoing activities of our projects include:

  • Matching skills to labour market needs in view of the industrial and digital transition  
  • Improvement of capacities and competences of policy stakeholders to develop forward-looking approaches to adapt regional skills development to industrial transition
  • Fostering skills of employees to implement innovative and green economy business concepts

Solutions Created By Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Projects:  

► Effective advisory services for refugee women to facilitate their access into the labour market

► Engaging volunteers with migration background to provide peer-to-peer mentoring to refugees

► Connecting refugees with the labour market through education and craft 

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