The local community initiated its path to the development of the Local Roadmap


On the 15thof July 2019, the first workshop launching the process for developing the Local Roadmap by involving the entire local community was held in Albenga. All the members of the Local Stakeholders Platform were invited to participate in the refresher meeting, during which the main NPA Project achievements were briefly presented (including the on-going Pilot Action Plan) and the forthcoming participative process explained. Around 25 members of the LSP, the Change Driver, the Project team and the expert in charge of guiding the participative co-creation process were involved, along with representatives of the local government. The methodology to be used for carrying out the co-decision process was presented by the expert, who also highlighted the importance of gathering all voices for developing a comprehensive roadmap which is meant to guide the set of activities intended to further develop the touristic and cultural heritage preservation and valorisation policy of the Municipality. 


At the beginning of September, an operational meeting will be organised in order to start working on the co-decision process. Around 3-4 thematic discussion tables will work in parallel in order to let people discuss on specific thematic focuses (young’s involvement and education; tourism; cultural heritage preservation; promotion and valorisation, sustainable economic development; transnational cooperation) and gather all possible inputs for start developing the first draft of the Local Roadmap. A good result was already obtained during the meeting: the representative of the Albenga Municipality declared the interest and engagement of the local authority to endorse the final document resulting from this co-decision and participative process, which will be adopted as the basis for further development actions by the local government.

The development of the Local Roadmap is going on. A second LSP workshop was organised (September) and all the Local Community worked hard, along with representatives of the Municipality, for identifying the focus, objectives and actions that will inform the strategic plan to be adopted by the City of Albenga, with the aim of valorising the spiritual link with Saint Martin and the local cultural heritage, and of enhancing a sustainable local development.

A wide range of topics were discussed, the achievements of the NPA Project taken as a basis for further developing a co-created strategy, and all participants were able to express their points of view, ideas and challenges for the future.

During the third and final LSP workshop, the draft of the Local Roadmap will be reviewed, discussed and finetuned and then presented to the Local Authority.