Local Info Day Pécs

17 May 2017 Pécs (Hungary)

The conference attendees were greeted by Mr. János Keresnyei (president, CICC Association). He introduced the Forget heritage project as well.
Mr. Szabolcs Rabb, secretary of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Pécs - Baranya presented the Local Stakeholders Involvement plan and the importance of the cultural heritage protection.
Balázs Dobay (management consultant, Organ Manufacturing Company of Pécs) talked about the successes of the manufacture,  
wich is 25 years old in this year and working in a cultural heritage building.
The speeches were followed by informal discussion.

Local Info Day Forget Heritage
Janos Keresnyei Communication manager of the Forget Heritage
Janos Keresnyei
Janos Keresnyei
Szabolcs Rabb secretary of Chambers of Commerce and Industry Pécs-Baranya
Balázs Dobay management consultant Organ Manufacturing Company of Pécs
Ákos Jarjabka docent of the University of Pécs, Faculty of Economics