Municipality of Genoa 

The Municipality of Genoa is the local public authority for a city of 592.507 inhabitants. The Culture Department of the Municipality of Genoa is the mover of a composite cultural system which pursues a new idea of culture, science and research. The preservation of the artistic and cultural heritage, the enhancement of its value, the awareness of its relation with the re-qualification of the territory, and finally the implementation of the Museum and Library Municipal Services, are the elements of City Territorial Marketing Strategy. The action of the administration focuses on: - fostering the Creative and Cultural Industries (henceforth CCI) gathering in clusters - organising meetings between CCI and mature sectors – organising training on managerial, legal, financial topics and capacity of fundraising and access to market strategies - initiating measures to promote CCI as drive to urban regeneration - promoting the networking of professionals - making available the results of studies to the SMEs - supporting the internationalisation of companies by involving them in EU projects and in territorial marketing actions.