Lynx distribution in the Alps and northern Dinaric Mountains

In the frame of the SCALP programme, lynx experts from France, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia combine their data to produce a standardized lynx distribution map. More information about SCALP can be found under  

In 3Lynx, we are looking specific on Dinaric and South-East Alpen populations and we will be able to produce more accurate data about this regions.  

Special events 2016:

  • Lynx from north-eastern Switzerland have crossed the Rhine valley and are spreading into Liechtenstein and Vorarlberg.
  • This is the second year with reported reproduction from the French Alps.  

Map labels: The collected data are classified in three categories: Category 1 (C1): “Hard facts”, verified and unchallenge observations such as dead lynx and clear photos of lynx. Category 2 (C2): Observations controlled and confirmed by a specialist such as killed livestock or wild prey, and lynx tracks or other field signs. Category 3 (C3): Unconfirmed observations of the category 2 (kills, tracks, other field signs too old or badly documented) and all observations such as direct observations and calls which by their nature cannot be verified. Evidence of reproduction consist in photos of lynx kittens or young lynx found dead (C1), large and small track together (C2) and direct sighting of female with kittens (C3).