The nZEB Living Lab: a user-centred, web-based knowledge-sharing platform

Written by KSSENA

nZEB Living Lab, a user-centred, web based knowledge-sharing platform, is a cross-section of eCentral partner's work throughout the project duration. The platform integrates eCentral broad research on nZEB standard, innovative financing schemes and legislation. With intensive research and a number of step by step processes explained it presents a centered and concentrated information hub for reaching nZEB standard in buildings as well as direct insight into experiences gained from our concrete pilot actions as it opens up pilot process to all stakeholders wishing to get a closer insight. nZEB living lab offers an evaluation of pilot actions undertaken in eCentral project, allowing users to learn about success stories as well as setbacks, obstacles and difficulties eCentral partners faced in the process of implementing nZEB projects. Living Lab also enables networking activities through a virtual forum, with the aim of accelerating  continuous user-centered dialogue and cooperation between regional and local public authorities outside the partnership.

An integrated EPC tool allows users to »learn & test« in order to estimate a cost-effective set of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures for achieving the nZEB standard in public buildings. In the Living EPC tool, several components for energy efficiency measures are included to cover a broad range and give the decision makers options to secure an implemented nZEB standard.

eCentral project supports key stakeholders to realize benefits of nearly zero energy buildings by using innovative financing schemes such as public private partnership (PPP), energy performance contracting (EPC) and crowdfunding (CF). To demonstrate viability of these models they were tested in form of pilot actions in the eCentral project. Under Finance section users can read more on innovative financing schemes, their structure, advantages and risks, different types and how they are regulated in different Central Europe countries. Lastly, nZEB Living lab offers a number of tips on how to do a public procurement in an innovative and better way.

You can visit eCentral nZEB living lab here: