Transnational evaluation by fellow specialists of research

Qualitative interviews have been conducted in the framework of interconnected Working and Steering Group Meetings of Store4HUC and responses of the interview experts are summarised in three evaluation reports. The reports are based on inquiries designed in close cooperation with responsible partners of the four Store4HUC pilots including particular background information for the interviewees. Via intensive Email communications and online interviews due to COVID-19 barriers specific regional contexts have been investigated and assessed. Some results of the surveys are synthesised in the third evaluation report highlighting mainly two issues: “Main results” and “Identified challenges” per pilot. Awareness raising of the Store4HUC project has been increased in Bracak (HR), Cuneo (IT), Lendava (SI) and Weiz (AT).

The level of awareness can be directly related to the dissemination activities of the project performed in close cooperation with the team in charge of it within the project. Legal, administrative and acceptance complications, largely because the integrated innovative approaches are not commonly applied in traditional renovation projects. Therefore, recommendations on basis on the made experiences in Store4HUC may facilitate replication activities in mentioned cities and abroad.

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