The Lendava pilot construction is done!

On World Earth Day, 22 April 2021, the Mayor of the Municipality of Lendava, Mr. Janez Magyar, symbolically handed over the pilot project in the field of renewable energy and its storage. Within the framework of the European project Store4HUC, another public building in the municipality of Lendava was converted from fossil fuels to renewable energy. With such projects, the Municipality of Lendava pursues the vision of a green future and a high quality of life.

At the handover of the modernised boiler room in the Lendava Library building, which will henceforth be heated by geothermal energy, the Mayor of Lendava highlighted the municipality's efforts to become recognisable as a green tourism destination: "With small steps, but persistently, we contribute to the carbon-free society, as we are aware of the importance of preserving nature and natural resources, so we decide to make the most of renewable energy sources."

The pilot infrastructure is a latent heat storage system combined with geothermal energy. This will reduce energy costs, which will also have a positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions. The Municipality of Lendava is aware of its role and supports projects that have a positive impact on the environment. The project can also be a good example and encouragement both locally and in the wider environment.

handover lendava
 Handover of the pilot by mayor Janez Magyar

handover group standing together
 Members of the press, of the pilot facility and the mayor