Optimal parameterization of a PV and a batterysystem add-on for a consumer

Because of the matured technologies, ease of use and installation, and relatively low prices, photovoltaic and battery energy storage systems are a great choice for a renewable energy source and an energy storage solution. To help the design process of those systems for a new consumer, a procedure is proposed.

Photovoltaic systems are widespread renewable energy sources that can be installed at a variety of locations (private houses, residental or nonresidental buildings, factories, warehouses, etc.). Because of their sun dependance, they can provide more than enough energy during the day, but no energy during the night. Having a battery energy storage system can ensure that the excess of energy is stored and used later to avoid selling electricity at low price and then buying it at higher price. Not only that a photovoltaic system in combination with a battery energy storage system reduces monthly electricity bill for consumers, it also contributes to environmental protection in terms of reduced CO2 emissions and increased usage of renewable energy sources. To maximize the contributions while minimizing the price of the installations, the authors introduce a procedure to find the optimal sizing parameters of a photovoltaic and a battery energy storage system for a site.

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