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Climate Alliance Digital Days - Local solutions towards a green recovery
Energy Storage in Historical Urban Buildings Online Workshop

7 October, 15:00 to 16:30 CET - via Zoom (see how to join below)


Our workshop will explore the potential of energy storage systems in buildings or neighbourhoods and energy efficiency measures to be implemented in listed buildings of historical value. Through examples such as Austria’s Weizberg Basilica and with the help of a specialised tool, we’ll explore the opportunities and challenges of energy storage in listed buildings. The Workshop will be available online via Zoom in German with simultaneous English translation.

Like all crises, the Corona virus is exposing our weaknesses. From social inequality and injustice to environmental degradation and unsustainable food systems, the pandemic is illustrating that the way in which we treat our environment and one another matters. It is also showing us that effective, rapid responses to crises are possible. Yet while the acuteness of the Corona crisis makes it difficult to ignore, it is the climate crisis that will endure in Corona’s wake. How can our cities and towns emerge from the Corona crisis both more sustainable and more resilient?  Which responses can break business as usual patterns for the benefit of the planet and its people? How do we harness this moment of change within our municipalities and how can the EU Green Deal contribute? This is a turning point for the climate. Which way forward will our network, our municipalities and our society take? The Climate Alliance Digital Days will explore local solutions out of the Corona crisis towards a truly green recovery. 

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