The Optimal Heat Source Scheduler is here!

Installing a thermal storage to a heating system introduces flexibility which provides the possibility to control heat source(s) more efficiently. To ensure the maximal efficiency, the Optimal Heat Source Scheduler provides the user with an optimal schedule for the selected heat source(s) for a 24 hours period.
The tool includes powers of the respective heat source as well as the times when the heat source is on or off in the calculations. Furthermore, it uses the estimated heating power demand to create an optimal schedule, keeping the heating medium at the respective required temperatures.

Please follow the instructions below carefully before working with the calculator!

Welcome to the Optimal heat source scheduler!

To use it, follow these steps:
    1.) Unzip this folder ("Optimal heat source scheduler") to any location on your computer.
        The folder must contain subfolder "src" and files "Optimal heat source scheduler.xlsm"
            and "Optimal heat source scheduler - User manual.pdf".
    2.) Open "Optimal heat source scheduler.xlsm" which is the interface to the calculator.
    3.) Enable macros in the Excel application (if necessary).
    4.) Enter parameters and click on "Run scheduler".

User manual, which contains explanation of the application and all of its parameters,
is in "Optimal heat source scheduler - User manual.pdf",
but also inside "Optimal heat source scheduler.xlsm", under the tab "User Manual" .

The tool runs only on Windows operating systems. There are no hardware requirements.

You can download the calculator by clicking here

If you have questions, feel free to contact the developers: