STORE4HUC Solutions Get Scientific Exposure

The Austrian Team of STORE4HUC was invited for poster and parallel session presentations on two international conferences in the last months. The team exhibited a Poster at The 3rd Conference on Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions – SSPCR 2019 in Bolzano and held a presentation at “Greening the Strategies” of the 6th Central European Biomass Conference (CEBC) in January 2020. Both events  focused on solutions and strategies to serve as an realistic exit from fossil fuels. 

In the wake of current debates concerning the challenge of climate change, sustainable energy policy, sustainable energy solutions and future markets as well as social aspects, from energy efficiency to data management, these conference examined how researchers are dealing with the main challenges of the forthcoming future. 

In Bolzano, the scientific committee of SSPCR 2019 selected the STORE4HUC team’s abstract to be part of the more then 200 selected contributions to be presented between the 9th to 13th December 2019. SSPCR 2019 focused on how can we maximize the impact of academic research, the scaling-up and replicability opportunities of pilot projects, and the added value of local bottom-up initiatives, in relation to complex challenges posed by the smart city/region approach? The presentation explored a comparison of the integration of renewables for mutual smart services in urban and in historical context bringing in experiences from two projects. The experiences and a survey performed in Aachen, Germany and Weiz, Austria as part of the two projects presented compares the  attitudes and social preferences of local inhabitants towards the planned/performed energy efficiency measures. The Abstract Booklet can be downloaded here.
To learn more about the conference, you can visit the conference website here. 

The 6th Central European Biomass Conference (CEBC) connects more than 1.500 participants from all continents thus is one of the world’s largest events in the industry. The conference is the meeting place for users, enterprises, researchers, developers, policymakers and distributors to share their knowledge in the field of bioenergy, it took place on 22 – 24. January, 2020 in Graz, Austria. STORE4HUC Partner Energy and Innovation Centre of Weiz held a presentation on 24th of January at the Parallel Session entitled „Supply, storage and distribution of bioheat“ about Integration and smart management of energy storages at historical urban centers. The abstract was also published in the Handbook of the conference.
Read more about the event here.