The scientific output of the project

It is challenging to provide a low carbon energy supply in cities in a combination with energy storages. This is emphasized in historical urban centres because interventions in this specific area meet strict architectural protection constraints, involve higher implementation costs and often come in conflict with town planning policies.
Therefore, it is important to exchange knowledge, experiences and solutions with scientists, engineers and industry specialists. Through professional papers on journals and conferences the concept of energy management in buildings could be shared to a wider audience.

Within the project two journal publications have been issued:
1.) “Cascaded control of back-to-back converter DC link voltage robust to grid parameters variation”
published in
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics (Volume: 68, Issue: 3, March 2021), Page(s): 1994 – 2004
2.) “Parameterization of a Photovoltaic and a Battery System Add-On for a Consumer Based on a Sequential Linear Program” published in
Engineering Power Vol. 16(3) 2021, bulletin of the Croatian Academy of Engineering, Page(s): 16 – 21

In addition the project resulted in two conference publications:
1.)  The presentation “Optimal parameterization of a PV and a battery system add-on for a consumer”
was held at the
2020 IEEE 11th International Symposium on Power Electronics for Distributed Generation (IEEE PEDG 2020), Jun 8, 2020 - Jun 11, 2020. Dubrovnik, Croatia
2.) The Presentation “Predictive control and optimization procedures in energy management of buildings and infrastructure” was held at the
35th International Conference on Electrical Drives and Power Electronics, 22.-24. 9. 2021., Dubrovnik, Croatia