44 new cooperation projects selected

Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE will fund 44 new cooperation projects following the third call for proposals. Around 77 million Euro from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) will support activities of transnational project partnerships in the coming years.

The Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Member States have selected 44 project proposals for funding in a programme monitoring committee meeting in Vienna on 16 January 2019. In total, 191 applications were submitted to the third call, all addressing specific challenges and needs in the fields of  innovation, low-carbon economy, environment, culture and transport.

Together with 85 projects already funded following the first two calls, the programme will soon fund a total of 129 projects. This figure shows that the programme is fully on track for achieving important thematic performance milestones.

List of selected projects

The following list indicates acronyms and full titles of the project proposals selected for funding in the third call. A more detailed "list of operations" with short summaries will follow soon after the contracting. Please note that while every care has been taken in compiling and publishing this list, errors may have occured. The approval of all project proposals is still under condition. Lead applicants who submitted proposals to the third call will be officially informed about the selection results and conditions for approval in a letter from the Joint Secretariat within the coming days.

Priority 1: Cooperating on innovation to make CENTRAL EUROPE more competitive

4STEPS Towards the application of Industry 4.0 in SMEs
ALTRU-PRENEUR ALTRUISTIC ENTREPRENEUR, CE Sustainable model to support social entrepreneurship
Arrival Regions Exploring social innovation approaches for the social and economic integration of non-EU nationals
CE-Connector Building knowledge and linkages among Business Angels and Public across territorial ecosystems to close the financial gap for innovative start-ups
CITYCIRCLE Circular economy hubs in peripheral urban centres in Central Europe
Driving smart industrial growth through value chain innovation
DelFinDevelopment of Financial Ecosystems for the Promotion of Social Entrepreneurship in Rural Regions
ECOS4INCross-border Ecosystem for Industry 4.0
HoCare2.0 Delivery and deployment of Innovative solutions for Home Care by strengthening quadruple helix cooperation and applying principles of co-creation in territorial innovation ecosystems
IN SITU Intergenerational Social Innovation Support Scheme
InNow+ Innovate Now! Innovation Support Framework for fostering the collaboration of startups, SMEs and large companies on clean-tech projects
INTEGRAS Integrating Refugees in Society and Labour Market thorugh Social Innovation
niCE-life Development of an integrated concept for the deployment of innovative technologies and services allowing independent living of frail elderly 
Progressing Service Performance and Export Results of Advanced Manufacturers Networks
S3HubsinCEUnleashing the potential of transnational cooperation, through Digital Innovation Hubs, to promote RIS3 implementation
SEE ME IN  Social Entrepreneurship as an Enabling environment for Migrants’ Employment and INtegration 
SIV  Social Impact Vouchers
T4C - TASK4COME  Transnational Action to advance SKills and competences FOR COmmunity engagement and social Migrants Entrepreneurship initiatives in the Central Europe
Transf@rm 4.0 Transnational collaborative system to bring precision farming innovative applications closer to the market  & address regional specializations in Central Europe

Priority 2: Cooperating on low-carbon strategies in CENTRAL EUROPE

EfficienCE Energy Efficiency for Public Transport Infrastructure in Central Europe
ENCODESIGN Collaboration between public bodies and citizen energy groups in implementing local energy strategies in Central Europe
ENTRAIN ENhancing renewable heaT planning for improving the aiR quAlity of commuNities
IMPETUS Integration and smart management of energy storages at historical urban sites
PROSPECT2030 PROmoting regional Sustainable Policies on Energy and Climate change mitigation Towards 2030

Priority 3: Cooperating on natural and cultural resources for sustainable growth in CENTRAL EUROPE

BEECH POWER World Heritage BEECH Forests: emPOWERing and catalyzing an ecosystem-based Sustainable Development
boDEREC Board for Detection and Assessment of Pharmaceutical Drug Residues in Drinking Water - Capacity Building for Water Management in CE
Centralparks Building management capacities of Carpathian protected areas for the integration and harmonization of biodiversity protection and local socio-economic development. 
CerDee Creative entrepreneurship in ceramic regions – developing, educating, encouraging
COCO Culture and Creative Industries COOPERATION  COLLIDER 
CWC City Water Circles: Urban Cooperation Models for enhancing water efficiency and reuse in Central European functional urban areas with an integrated circular economy approach
DEEPWATER-CE Developing an integrated implementation framework for Managed Aquifer Recharge solutions to facilitate the protection of Central European water resources endangered by climate change and user conflict.
HealingPlaces Enhancing environmental management capacities for sustainable use of the natural heritage of Central European SPA towns and regions as the driver for local and regional development. 
MaC Village Make Creative Villages - Initiate Cooperation between CCI and Villages
PIONEERS Cultural and Creative Industries in Traditional Industrial Regions as Drivers for Transformation in Economy and Society 
SACHE Smart  Accelerators of Cultural Heritage Entrepreneurship
SALUTE Integrated environmental management of SmALl Green Spots in FUncTional Urban ArEas following the idea of acupuncture
STIMULART Stimulating CCI in mid-sized urban centres to boost competitiveness

Priority 4: Cooperating on transport to better connect CENTRAL EUROPE

COMODALCE Enhancing COordination on multiMODAL freight transport in CE
CORCAP Capitalising TEN-T corridors for regional development and logistics
InterGreen-Nodes Intermodal Green Alliance - Fostering Nodes
REIF Regional infrastructure for railway freight transport - revitalised
SMACKER Soft Measures & Actions for behavioural Change and Knowledge to Embrace peripheral and Rural areas
YOUMOBIL Promotion of the Mobility of Youth and Young Adults in rural areas through better access to European and national passenger transport networks

Third call in numbers




New call under preparation

The programme will soon launch a new, more experimental call on 4 March 2019. The aim will be to capitalise on promising results of the currently funded 85 Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE projects.

The programme countries agreed that indicatively 10 million Euro ERDF will be used for further rolling out existing project outputs and results at the regional and local level as well as to improve policy making. The call will also encourage closer coordination with other, horizontal EU funding instruments such as Horizon 2020, Connecting Europe Facility or LIFE.

Interested organisations will have until 5 July 2019 to build their transnational partnerships and plan concrete activities. A detailed application manual will be published with the launch of the call.

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