Opening conference about lynx monitoring and conservation

6. 6. 2018

On 6th of June, opening conference about lynx monitoring and conservation took place in Uhlíkov lodge, Záhvozdí. Manfred Haimbuchner, deputy governor of Upper Austria, Jan Šíma, director of director of Department of Species Protection and Implementation of International Commitments of Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic, and Manfred Woelfl from Bavarian Environmental Agency opened the meeting with speeches stressed importance of international cooperation in large carnivores conservation issues. Then, Luděk Bufka from National park Šumava Administration talked about lynx status in Europe. Sybille Woelfl, Tereza Mináriková and Thomas Englender introduced lynx monitoring progress in Bohemia-Bavaria-Austria population. The final product of the 3Lynx project is transborder conservation strategy, therefore Manfred Woelfl explained future steps we want to take to reach this goal and analysed input strong and weak points for its preparation. Jan Šíma of Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic, Jiří Janota of Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, Manfred Woelfl of the Bavarian Environmental Agency, and Bernhard Schoen of the Upper Austria Government discussed anticipated obstacles for the conservation strategy in the afternoon.

Among participants, representatives of many stakeholder groups were present. Hunters, foresters, academicians, NGO´s workers and region government´s officials get an overview about 3Lynx project, lynx monitoring and planned steps for preparing lynx conservation strategy and hopefully, they will cooperate with us to get it done. 

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