The SYNERGY Regional Strategy on Crowd Innovation comprises a plan of actions designed to achieve a long-term and overall spread of Open Innovation (OI) initiatives in the Central European partner regions among different stakeholder target groups such as industry, academia, policy making and the general public that will foster productivity, efficiency and competitiveness in innovation processes.

The SYNERGY Crowd Innovation Strategy takes into consideration the needs and expectations of stakeholders and participants to Open and Crowd Innovation initiatives and is based on information from the following activities: 1. Results from research on various international and local crowd innovation platforms conducted by the project Consortium, 2. Results of the first three pilot actions carried out by project partners and participants’ feedbacks, interest and needs towards crowd innovation solutions, 3. Survey activity carried out by partners, and 4. State-of-the-art analysis on crowd innovation initiatives in partner regions. 

The strategy is the basis for the training materials and training events addressed to chambers of commerce, business incubators, innovation centres, business clusters, technology transfer offices, intermediaries, business parks, technology parks, regional public authorities, public organizations and Synergic Networks, conducted in Autumn 2020 to spread the strategy and lessons learned from the SYNERGY experience with the SYNERGY Crowd Innovation Platform. The Regional Crowd Innovation Strategy is expected to contribute to a major uptake of OI initiatives at the regional level and to strengthening the common European space of knowledge and industry excellence, which characterises Central Europe regions.

The SYNERGY Crowd Innovation Strategy is publicly available and can be shared with all interested parties for use in shaping and expanding Crowd and Open Innovation initiatives at a regional and trans-regional level. The strategy was also translated into the regional languages of the project partners through the materials for the trainings, and the translated versions can be made available on request. 

In the following we provide you with links to all relevant outputs and tools: 

SYNERGY Regional Crowd Innovation Strategy Infographics (English) 
SYNERGY Crowd Innovation Strategy; Image Source: SYNERGY Project

SYNERGY Crowd Innovation Strategy; Image Source: SYNERGY Project