Combating Discrimination against Migrant Women and Children

P8: Center Rotunda, Koper (SI)

The aim of this pilot action is a better integration of migrants into the local society by establishing a network of stakeholders, who have the capacity to recognize and guide migrants through institutional procedures and education in local community. Furthermore, with the spread of the awareness on the topic of migration in schools, educational practices in this area are going to be modified. We aim to develop recommendations for the promotion of intercultural dialogue, social innovations and collaboration, and for the prevention of discrimination against migrant children and their families.


The issue of integration of young migrants in crucial our region. With the change of the local school programs we want to achieve the improvement of linguistic and social skills among the migrant children and their mothers and thus their better inclusion in the local society.



The innovative aspect of our pilot action is represented by the cooperation in between educational and governmental institutions. In addition to that, until now our local community has not carried an pilot action of such a scale in the sphere of education.


D.T2.2.2 - Pilot Action Concept - P8

D.T2.5.2 - Pilot Action Final Report - P8


  1. Elementary School Ciril Kosmač Piran -
  2. Municipality of Piran -
  3. Elementary School Sečovlje -
  4. Elementary School Vicenzo e Diego de Catsro Piran -
  5. Kindergarten La Cocinella Piran -