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P3: City of Osijek (HR)
P4: Information legal centre (HR)

The pilot action will prepare local communities for the integration of non-EU nationals through:

a) Provision of social support to non-EU nationals through information service (info point and tool about local services) and volunteer programs which will ensure their participation in community life (intercultural workshops, language, meeting with local volunteers etc.);

b) Developing network of local stakeholders (government, businesses, public service providers, education institutions, civil society organisations) in order to ensure accessibility of the different services for non-EU nationals in Osijek;

c) Strengthening the role and capacity of the local community stakeholders to implement different integration programs and activities (policy measures, networking and exchange of professionals, non-profit organizations, social service providers).

The final goal is establishing Centre for inclusion and integration that will provide well-organized comprehensive support and space for interaction between non-EU citizens and the local population and by that support local integration process.


Pilot action is important for our region because for the time being, it is very difficult for non-EU migrants to obtain any kind of information or orientation support which would facilitate their living conditions and integration process. The reason for that is that service providers have insufficient knowledge and skills which are necessary to provide non-EU migrants with adequate information. During the pilot action we are going to establish Centre for inclusion and integration which will reduce prejudices and stereotypes still very much present in Croatian society towards non-EU migrants.


 Our pilot action is unique and innovative because the Centre for inclusion and integration is designed as a new model of social services in local community for local and non-EU citizens. It will provide space for interaction between non-EU migrants and local population since it will be opened not only for non-EU migrants, but also for refugees, national minorities, elderly, homeless people and other groups at risk of social exclusion so that they can all interact through cooking, sport, games, workshops and other activities. 





  1. Red Cross Osijek, City Branch -
  2. Centre for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights -
  3. Police Department Osijek-Baranja County -
  4. Croatian employment agency -
  5. Ombudsman -
  6. Centre for social welfare -
  7. University of Osijek, J.J. Strossmayer -
  8. Drava international -  Brijest, Južno predgrađe bb, 31000 Osijek +38531333136