Pilot Action: Albenga

The city is famous for its cultural heritage and the Regional Natural Reserve of the Gallinara Island. The Municipality is committed to preserving the huge cultural heritage of the city, including the island. Only 1.5 km from the coast, the Gallinara Island hosted St. Martin for a short period on his way to France. Their aim is to interconnect the local museums, archaeological sites and their heritage with St. Martin's core values.

The actions developed by the Municipality of Albenga in strict cooperation with the local community had a twofold aim: to raise awareness of the local community on the St. Martin’s legacy, and to highlight the links the town had with the Saint in the past, and to further valorise Albenga as a cultural and religious touristic destination by creating a number of services and tools. The 21st Century Pilgrim's goal was to undertake  Saint Martin’s journey (from Szombathely to Albenga) again and to promote the Via Sancti Martini. During his journey from Szombathely to Albenga, the 21st Century Pilgrims acted as Ambassadors of Albenga’s schools meeting pupils in Ajdovscina (SI), Peschiera del Garda and Aquileia (IT). The new ICT-based itineraries also allow visitors to discover Albenga’s history and help reinforce the touristic vocation of the city. Through the QR codes tourists/visitors can receive historical and artistic information on the monuments that constitute the important cultural heritage of the city. The Multimedia Center in Albenga has received installations of Saint Martin and the Gallanaria Islands, which is otherwise inaccessible to the public. The visitors can now discover the huge natural heritage preserved on the Island and its sea and the deep link between the Island and Saint Martin in the Multimedia Centre.