Pilot Action: Dugo Selo

The old, historical name of the town is "Terra Sancti Martini" which means "the land of Saint Martin" in Latin. The Municipality is working on promoting St. Martin's heritage, as well as piloting local community initiatives. Saint Martin is the patron of the town and parish church. Their aim is to revive such values of  St. Martin’s as tolerance, love, justice, solidarity, and self-sacrifice.

Two pilot actions have been implemented in Dugo Selo: a Virtual exhibition around St. Martin’s church on the Martin Hill and QR code quiz “The Life of St.Martin on Earth”. The main objective of the virtual exhibition was to provide a comprehensive virtual learning platform on various topics related to St. Martin for different users but primarily targeting the youth. Thus it is supposed to serve mainly educational purposes, but is also meant for entertainment and potential tourism development. It offers an entertaining and comprehensive context for learning about St. Martin’s church related to different time-dimensions (yesterday, today and tomorrow). The main goal of the QR code quiz was to provide another innovative way of learning about St. Martin’s life, good deeds, tradition and customs in the city of Dugo Selo, but this time moving through the physical location of Dugo Selo. The target users are the youth, citizens of Dugo Selo as well as their tourists.