Pilot Action: Szombathely

Szombathely is the only settlement in Hungary that has been continuously inhabited for 2000 years. The Municipality and its communities strive to protect its precious legacy. St. Martin was born in the city (then called Savaria) in 316 AD. After years of being away, he returned to baptize his own mother here.

The main point of Szombathely's pilot action was creating and testing an application that meets multiple requirements: reliable, provides valid and apt information about Saint Martin’s life and the heritage connected to him, is educational and also provides high-level user experience. The application is an info-communicational tool that presents Saint Martin’s tangible and intangible heritage in a way that helps understanding, increases local identity, while at the same time motivates users to physically visit the sites involved. Besides being bilingual (Hungarian and English) it is aimed at a triple target group (children between 4-6, 7-11, and families with children) providing a gamified, colourful surface, keeping in mind that the younger age group is yet unable to read. The created tool is important as Szombathely has never had an ICT tool providing digestible, overall information regarding the Saint Martin heritage.