Pilot Action: Unpli Veneto

The umbrella organization represents more than 530 Pro Loco Associations of the Veneto Region which are volunteers working for the valorisation of their territory. Thousands of volunteers work towards preserving the cultural, historical and touristic heritage of their territory. The region is crossed by Via Sancti Martini as well, and with a number of built heritage devoted to St. Martin, his memory and presence are almost tangible here.

Unpli Veneto pilot action was aimed at empowering regional actors in the valorization of St. Martin’s tangible and intangible heritage mainly through the youngster and to create the preconditions for developing Via Sancti Martini in collaborations with the local communities and tourism stakeholders. Unpli Veneto has created a permanent network in the territory of Veneto Region of the so-called “Centri di San Martino – St. Martin’s Centres”, mainly situated along the existing Via Sancti Martini with new possibilities for the development of the route. The development of the web portal (www.sanmartinoinveneto.it) and the "Talking Map of Saint Martin in Veneto" supports the main goal of Unpli Veneto. The main objectives of the webportal are to provide citizens (locals and foreigners) the possibility to find all information related to St.Martin and the Talking Map and its unique artistic contents in one place, and to narrate the huge St. Martin related heritage of the Veneto region in a modern way for all.