Pilot Site Visit in Luka Koper

5th February 2020, Koper (SL)

Last Wednesday 26 stakeholders and several TalkNET project partners attended the Pilot Site Visit in the Port of Koper (Luka Koper).

During the site-meeting, the energy manager of Luka Koper and manager of the investment construction presented what has been done within Luka Koper's pilot action, giving birth to a discussion mainly focused on the topic of energy and cost savings when implementing the new #ECO-technology in the warehouses.

What did the Port of Koper do? It installed a sensoring LED lighting system, thus rationalizing and automating monitoring and controlling of energy consumption.

Participants agreed on the benefits that such solutions can provide on working conditions: the whole system, in fact, can easily be controlled with a normal tablet or a PC.

Thanks to the best practices of its partners, TalkNET promotes already sustainable solutions and mutual learning between ports, inland terminals, transport operators and policy makers.

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